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Lead and invest in syndicates, make direct investments in private companies,
early access To IPOs and mentor and advise cannabis companies.

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  • Low minimums: Investments are made in funds set up for investing in one company, and, therefore, the minimum check amounts can be as much 10 to 40 times smaller than typical angel investments with minimum investments as little as $2,500. This provides an easier way to build a diversified portfolio.

  • Accreditation: To be an accredited investor requires a minimum income and/or net wealth as defined by Federal Securities laws.

  • Free Membership: Unlike many investment groups, it is free to be a member of CannaFundr.

Browse Investments

  • Browse Deals: Members can view highlights of start-up opportunities on the Browse Deal page and click to learn more about those that are of interest to them.

  • Activity Feeds: Each deal has an activity feed where members can post questions they have about the start-up, and the founders can reply and keep investors updated with the latest information.

  • Attend Webinars: CannaFundr webinars, featuring leading companies and Syndicate Leaders, are where our accredited investors can follow along and pick their winners!

  • Syndicate Leader Profiles: For each company fund, there is a detailed profile of the lead Syndicate Leader(s). Syndicate Leaders share in the profits of the fund, keeping them properly aligned with the fund investors.


  • Payments: CannaFundr will direct the investor with instructions on transferring their investment using FedWire Services to ensure safe, secure transactions without needing access to investor account information.

  • Accredited Investor Verification: Cannafundr on behalf of the fund may request additional information to verify a prospective investor’s accredited investor status.

  • Legal Documents: Once you decide which fund you want to invest in, you can easily sign the legal docs online that is a bank grade security & operations system that meets and exceeds the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards.

Stay Engaged

  • Company Updates: Investors will receive company updates, prominent press articles, and updates from the founders as they are made available to the fund manager.

  • CannaFundr Events: CannaFundr and our partners (including our Syndicate Leaders) hold events and networking opportunities for active members, companies seeking funding, and deal-flow partners in various cities around the world. Our members can access these in our Events section.

  • Connect With Members: CannaFundr is unique for a “crowd-funding platform”, having been built using the leading social-networking software for our core system. The platform allows the members to connect, maintain personal profiles and engage, just as they do today on leading social networks.

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Make direct investments in private companies, get early access To IPOs, and mentor and advise cannabis companies.

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