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Stop paying ridiculous subscriptions and membership fees. Co-invest with industry leaders, they make money when you make money.

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Gain valuable insider access to invest in startup opportunities that are pre-screened by CannaFundr Group investment committee.


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Our low minimums provide an easier way to build a diversified portfolio across what is becoming the country's fastest growing industry.


To be an accredited investor requires a minimum income and/or net wealth. CannaFundr verifies the accreditation of its members.

What We Do

Our networks give us access to 1000s of accredited investors, many of whom have already made investments in this sector. Why spend time and money travelling around the country to pitch at conferences and events searching for key strategic investors? Pitch once on CannaFundr - and get heard around the world!

CannaFundr is owned and operated by CrowdFund Connect, Inc. (CFC), an industry leader in development and management of crowdfunding sites.

CFC is a leader in equity based crowdfunding providing site development, logistics and back office support to new and existing registered broker dealers. CFC is led by industry experts in online capital funding that know and understand the laws both federally and in each state for equity funding and the marijuana industry.