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Accredited investors requires a minimum income and/or net wealth. CannaFundr verifies the accreditation of its members.

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Encrypted data & PCI-compliant payments are just a few security aspects implemented into our platform.

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Common Questions

When do investors get their profits?

Each year the royalty payments will be disbursed to the members of the LLC based upon their prorated ownership after administration costs are deducted.

How do syndicates work?

Can my company be syndicated?

Do I have to deal with a million investors?

Who handles tax documentation?

What information rights do I receive?

About Our Events

Marijuana Industry Conferences

The Marijuana Investor Summit is the premier legal cannabis conference bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers to connect, educate, and collaborate.
Learn more here marijuanainvestorsummit.com

Upcoming Events

Marijuana Industry Conferences
Jan 21
Orange County, California

Cannabis Compliance in California

Marijuana is now a heavily regulated LEGAL industry. All compliance issues for California medical and recreational operations are to be covered.
Mar 06
San Diego, California

California Cannabis Business Expo

This is our third annual business expo for the marijuana industry. In the past 2 years our events have attracted hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors along with thousands...

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